Agent Dashboard for Optimization

to manage your agent information

Manage your agent details, status, and contact information to keep track of your agent's performance with our simple and effective tool that allows you to get a comprehensive overview without spending hours.

Agent Dashboard for Optimization

Add & Manage the Contact Information with Agent Dashboard

Manage your agent details and their contact information in one spot for better visibility.

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agent information

Agent Information

Manage your team's information and facilitate simultaneous chats without impacting the visitor's concern by reducing waiting times and increasing productivity.

agent status

Agent Status

Analyze the agent dashboard to keep track of their agent status' which is helpful for your business to have 360-degree views on your department dashboard to build, grow and maintain relationships with your agent.

multiple dashboard view

Multiple Dashboard View

Track your agent information in real-time using the multiple dashboards option with grid and table view by quickly analyzing your team information such as agent status, contact information, agent details.

simultaneous chat

Simultaneous Chat

Enable businesses to take corrective actions to address multiple chats at once by handling different customer issues, reducing support costs, increasing sales, and improving marketing performance.

What is Agent Dashboard?

The Agent Dashboard is an all-in-one feature that includes your agent's contact information, status, and processes. You can edit and monitor agent information quickly and filter out the contact information as per our businesses. With its powerful features, you can easily see and manage all the information in one place. Learn more about what are the benefits of live chat?

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