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Develop strong relationships with customers

  • Live chat can help you build your subscriber base.

  • To increase engagement, schedule and automate your messaging.

  • Resonate with the tastes and segmentation of your subscribers.

  • Transform data into useful information.

best live chat software

Multi-channel Support

Engage your website visitors by integrating your live chat with multi-channel communication like text, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.

multi-channel support
website live chat

Website Live Chat

Get one-to-one support through the website live chat with our team of experts to keep engaging with your audience more effectively.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger

Achieve a high customer retention rate by explicitly resolving queries of their preferred channel using Facebook messenger without interruption.

whatsapp support

Whatsapp Support

Engage with your customers and achieve high customer satisfaction using Whatsapp to increase conversion rates by offering a convenient and user-friendly support solution.

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Unlimited Departments

Create multiple departments for product inquiries, technical issues, or general discussions to ensure customer service efforts into the manageable section.

unlimited departments
add multiple departments

Add Multiple Departments

Manage your entire business and department with one click by using this multiple department feature and get access to all customer records and information.

website for support

Website For Support

Improve your customer service platform by integrating multiple websites into one dashboard to add and manage departments effectively.

agent portal

Agent Portal

Customize your helpdesk team and create multiple departments with our simple and easy tool to get the answer to your customer inquiries quickly.

Find out more about Unlimited Departments

UI Theming

Customize your text, colors, themes, and designs for the full-featured live chat service to save time and deliver a better customer service experience without the hassle.

ui theming
chat widget

Chat Widget

Provide a complete design platform that allows you to create an attractive chat widget at any time for your live chat interface without any coding knowledge.

chat customization

Chat Customization

Customize website design to match your company branding from your Live chat platform in just a few clicks to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

image library

Image Library

Choose the pre-uploaded background image of your choice from the image library in just a few clicks to easily connect with website visitors.

html template

HTML Template

Customize the chat widget to enhance the user's experience with the help of HTML templates of your choice to improve the outlook of the chat window by ensuring a great customer experience.

Find out more about UI Theming

Agent Dashboard

Manage your agent status, information, and set up a simultaneous chat to address visitors' queries at the same time to reduce customer wait time.

agent dashboard
agent information

Agent Information

Monitor, manage and optimize all your agent information which will provide advanced filters and multiple dashboard options such as grid and table views to control your dashboard efficiently.

agent status

Agent Status

Analyze the agent status to boost the team's productivity by determining how many members are active and how many are inactive, resulting in the best customer support experience.

multiple dashboard view

Multiple Dashboard View

Provide high-quality multiple dashboard options to track and analyze your agent information, allowing you to see the complete information in your department by quickly switching grid or table view at your convenience.

simultaneous chat

Simultaneous Chat

Assign multiple chats at once with just a single click using the simultaneous chat option according to their availability, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Find out more about Agent Dashboard

App Integration

Increase customer service quality by automate your CRM process, reduce issues, manage tasks to create complex workflows and reduce human error for faster resolution.

app integration
crm integration

CRM Integration

Simplify the onboarding process and automate client resource management by helping your customer service team to develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

project management

Project Management

Manage all your tasks while ensuring your team is informed and aware of all the activities from your team using project management integration with live chat, allowing you to focus on what's essential to achieve deadlines.



Utilize webhooks URL to send real-time notifications embedded in other applications, and trigger them when there is a change in a project or business.

Find out more about App Integration

Conversation History

Keep track of all the customer history that captures the text, timestamps, location, and files of each conversation in your chat for a quick resolution.

conversation history
track chat history

Track Chat History

Save your valuable time by tracking customer chat history, evaluating agent performance, and storing important messages on your dashboard for a smooth customer service workflow.

send customer conversation

Send Customer Conversation

Use this powerful feature to share your live chat conversations with customers via email, SMS, or any platform to improve customer service and loyalty.

search transcript

Search Transcript

Identify a customer's conversation quickly and easily by searching for keywords in the chat history or typing at the beginning of the chat transcript to understand the overview of the conversation.

Find out more about Conversation History

Advanced Reports

Monitor your customer support agents' performance and export detailed chat reports to help your team perform better in connecting with customers for best-in-class customer service.

advanced reports
chat report

Chat Report

Analyze chat report from your agent to help you improve your business on your customer service platform and filter data for further analysis to enhance your sales, marketing, etc.

agent report

Agent Report

Track multiple agents' reports at once, with a user-friendly interface to set up and manage the best analytics platform for team leaders, and product managers, that need to keep track of agent performance.

export charts

Export charts

Record all your agent performance in real-time and provide detailed agent-contact information in the graphical representation to analyze and manage your businesses by exporting the data for maximum efficiency.

Find out more about Advanced Reports

Video Conferencing

Create custom video conference interactions with built-in features like text chat and screen sharing for online collaboration in audio, video, and seminar meetings for greater engagement.

video conferencing
video call recording

Video Call Recording

Record and playback your video conference meeting for future reference with simple and effective playback video recorder software, and send it to other people who weren't present at the time.

screen sharing

Screen Sharing

Use the screen sharing method to acquire remote access from your computer, smartphone, or large-format display, which will pique your audience's interest during your presentation.

secure meeting

Secure Meeting

Ensure your meetings are secure and reduce unnecessary invitees from attending by using password authentication, which will allow you to connect with team members in the organization safely and securely.

Find out more about Video Conferencing

Chatbot Software

Manage customer support, improve marketing efforts, and produce leads with customizable website chatbots to solve common inquiries.

chatbot software
create bots

Create Bots

Take advantage of the chatbot template by allowing images and videos to create bots that can propel your company to the next level through engagement at all times by simplifying your efforts to improve customer experience.

bot integration

Bot Integration

Remove the "fill-in-the-form" strategies and integrate the automated Chabot feature to collect leads and turn them into potential customers in real-time for more conversions.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Ensure customers have a positive experience across all channels, collecting leads and answering customer questions using natural language using our advanced AI technology.

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Which website live chat tool should you be using?

Website live chat tool allow you to engage with people in a number of ways, you can quickly respond to your messages, customer engagement, and retention.

Which Live Chat Software Is The Best?

Customer service employees can connect with several consumers at the same time using live chat software. With the help of self-service tools and automated workflows, customers may quickly address a variety of easy problems.

Try These 6 Tips To Strengthen Relationship with Customers Via Your Website In Customer Service

To improve your relationship with customers, you must provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate website interface. There should also be plenty of content to inform buyers about the available options on the website and a portal to input and save their account information for online purchases.

10 Reasons Why You Need Online Live Chat On Your Website

Most people are looking for friendly faces when trying online products, and one of the best ways to show them you care is through online live chat.

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What is Live Chat App?

Customers can communicate with businesses in real time using Live Chat App, a messaging app. Web analytics capabilities, online customer service software, and online chat help desk software businesses can help your business increase customer satisfaction rates and sales.

Why Live Chat App Is Needed For Website?

Live chat app is a conversation platform that enables your company to interact with site visitors in real - time basis. Live chat software, often known as consumer communication software, is the software that enables live chat.

What Is Live Chat On Your Website?

Live chat software allows your website visitors to chat with agents to achieve their goals, which can increase your website traffic and sales conversions.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat?

NinjaChat is a best live chat tool that you can use to improve customer engagement, reduce response times, engage website visitors in real-time, and give customer support over the web, and mobile devices.

Who Uses Live Chat App?

For customer service, B2C companies use website live chat app and internet chat software. To boost their customer service with web chat tools.

Benefits Of Using Live Chat App

Live chat app provides a seamless experience and online chat assistance. It may increase conversion rates and turn your visitors into your most loyal customers.

How does Live Chat App Help Businesses?

Live Chat App allows you to enhance conversion rates, generate exceptional ROI, and grow your customer base to help businesses increase customer engagement.

What Are The Features Of Live Chat?

Live chat service features that can help increase your conversion rate, provide faster customer support and improve customer experience, update the content to ensure that.

Why Live Chat Is Needed For Businesses?

Live Chat is a premium service that gives real-time guidance to customers while they are online. Customers leave the chat delighted and satisfied after receiving an instant response to their sales or support needs. 

How does Live Chat Help Businesses?

Live Chat can help you improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, and learn more about your consumers so you can make better product decisions.

What is a Chat Transcript?

Supervisors can analyse specific chat sessions and search for keywords they want to follow in a conversation using live chat transcripts. A transcript can also be handy for storing a copy of the chat time in a secure location.

How to Get Your Live Chat Transcripts?

It's the small details of the right live chat protocol that can make the difference between good customer service and a great customer experience.

Why Should You Provide Chat Transcript For Customer Service?

The customer service team can utilise the transcript to learn how to ask questions and train other members of the support team to increase productivity.

How Can Chat Transcripts Improve Customer Service?

Use live chat software to increase the performance of your customer support teams. The complete conversation history is stored in the live chat, so if you're working on a transaction and your sales person wants to better understand demands, look up the call history and make a better pricing offer.

How to Add Live Chat to Your Website?

There are multiple live chat tools from which you can choose a suitable one. The best way to select an appropriate tool is to lay out your business requirements about a live chat provider.

Why Live Chat Transcript Is Important To Customer Services?

Live chat transcript shortens the process by allowing your agent to connect with the existing customers to ask the right questions at the right time.

Should You Use Online Chat For Your Website?

To improve the performance of your customer support team, you need a online chat tool that connects them to your visitors in real time. Companies that use live chats for support create better customer experiences by engaging in real-time conversations.

Why You Need Live Chat Systems On Your Website?

Live chat systems on your website helps you to increase your conversion rate, provide faster customer support and improve customer experience, update the content to ensure that.

How To Integrate Live Chat On Your Website?

Adding live chat on your website is a straightforward process, and you don’t have to be an IT guru to do this. However, before following these steps, the most important thing you should do is find the right tool for your business needs.

How To Create A Live Chat On Your Website?

NinjaChat offers all the features you might expect from live chat software (and more), all at an affordable price. If you want live chat software for your website, it’s as easy as a few clicks through a simple-to-learn user interface.

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