Best Live Chat Software

Transform every conversation into an amazing time.

Increase the amount of time your customers spend with you.

  • Live chat can help you build your subscriber base.

  • To increase engagement, schedule and automate your messaging.

  • Resonate with the tastes and segmentation of your subscribers.

  • Transform data into useful analyses.

best live chat software

Live Chat

Interact with the site visitors whenever you want. Stay aligned with the customer queries and business goals by serving global customers all the time with live chat options.

live chat
real-time engagements

Real-Time Engagements

Communicate with potential consumers, create trust, and form commitments with NinjaChat.

extreme customer support

Extreme Customer Support

Assist customers by resolving any technical issues they may encounter with a product or service.

all-time availability

All-Time Availability

Enhance the customer engagement by being available all the time for your customers and reduce response times using Live Chat Software

instant query resolving

Instant Query Resolving

Help the customers to address problems without having to contact a representative using a Live Chat Software.

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Chat Transcripts

Allow customers to engage all the time with you. Offering a chat transcript enables them to understand quality customer support along with query resolving.

chat transcripts
export chat transcripts to agents

Export Chat Transcripts to Agents

Download Chat Transcript to a local drive or manually forwarded to specific email addresses as needed.

manage all transcripts for visitors

Manage All Transcripts for Visitors

Allow visitors to download or have their chat transcripts forwarded to a certain email address.

search transcripts

Search Transcripts

Retrieve Chat transcripts by search feature. With our search bar, finding what you're looking for is simple and uncomplicated.

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Customer Engagement

Increase brand identity by connecting with more customers as it is the crucial part of being successful. Involve them into product improvements and share business updates time to time to make them feel connected.

customer engagement
targeted messages

Targeted Messages

Send customized messages with necessary information to targeted visitors depending on their identity and activity.

rich greetings

Rich Greetings

Contact your customers with timely messages that give them a feel of importance all the time



Allow NinjaChat's Announcements function send new releases, product updates, business activities and initiatives to your customers

chat assignments

Chat Assignments

Use Chat Assignment to guarantees that you don't miss any crucial conversations. Chats can be automatically routed to representatives from the pipeline.

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Website Chat App

Convert leads and provide the right business solution with live engagement that would lead to great customer support experience.

website chat app
message overview

Message Overview

See everything before the customers send it over, you can see what customers are typing that helps you in assisting them quickly.

canned responses

Canned Responses

Answers to frequent questions can be saved quickly. With just a few clicks, you can re-use them in chats.

track chat history with tags

Track Chat History with Tags

Identify your customer needs and their issues by adding. Keep the track of your customers 24x7.

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Online Chat Rating

Collect customer's feedback to have a better understanding of their overall experience on the website. So, after each discussion, ask your consumers to rate their experience to track client happiness.

online chat rating
chat feedback

Chat Feedback

Make better decisions by informing and guiding you. It only takes one click for a client to evaluate your customer service representatives.

post-chat survey

Post-Chat Survey

Allow the customers to submit a post-chat survey after communicating, you can learn about their happiness with the information they received.

customer satisfaction report

Customer Satisfaction Report

Allow your company to learn what your consumers say about your products, operations, reputation, and customer service.

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Use bots to gather input by asking for information, developing a product, and optimizing the websites. Obtain demographical user data to recommend the right business solutions needed for them.

create bots

Create Bots

Create a bot to communicate with visitors of your website and start interacting to boost engagements.

live chat tickets

Live Chat Tickets

Solve complex problems that can't be resolved in a chat can be handled through ticket system.

schedule messages

Schedule Messages

Rely on our automated scheduling system to deliver your text messages on time.

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Live Talk

Provide a convenient pop-up window for your web users to seek immediate help or information. Live Talk enables the customers to reach you out as soon as they enter the website. Be available for them whenever they feel like reaching out to you.

live talk
chat buttons

Chat Buttons

Add Chat Buttons to help the visitors, icons are ideal for pages where visitors frequently seek for assistance, such as your help centre.

quick replies

Quick Replies

Use Live Talk, users can choose from a list of pre-defined instant responses. It's useful for arranging, collecting, and generating probable responses.

chat archives

Chat Archives

Archive all of your previous discussions. It's especially useful when you want to find patterns and recurrent instances, educate new agents using past chats, or simply examine an user's discussion history.

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Live Chat App Templates

Create awesome predefined templates for customers experience and add the visual look and feel for your customers in one go. Use custom templates to engage your customers all the time.

live chat app templates
built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Increase effectiveness and repeatability by using of Built-in Templates. It can be used and adapted for a variety of purposes and audiences.

custom templates

Custom Templates

Create amazing customer engagements, gain faster responses and customize templates as per the business needs with Live Chat app

system shortcuts

System Shortcuts

Add System Shortcuts and speed up conversing with NinjaChat by employing a series of system shortcuts.

custom shortcuts

Custom Shortcuts

Use custom shortcuts you can speed up your dialogue and improve client satisfaction.

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