Who uses Live Chat App?

For customer service, B2C companies use website live chat app and internet chat software. To boost their customer service with web chat tools.


Convert your visitors and provide real-time help from your website


Chat with your customers through text, voice & video support


Get 24/5 chatbot service and automate the frequently asked questions through BotUp


Personalize chat theme to align with your website design


Integrate NinjaChat with built-in helpdesk software, Support.cc


Choose CRM software such as CRM.io to embed your chat activity


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What Makes the Best Live Chat Software?

Cloud-based communication software was acquired with the aim of bringing customers into the company through better and more effective communication methods, and it promises live chat services.

Businesses can use a single-stop shop to manage everything in one software package for online sales activities and customer service services, delivered through multiple channels such as chat, email, social media, and multiple tools.

Online-chat-support software is the type of live support software that is most expensive because it includes human support. While it is possible to process a customer simultaneously by phone or email with a customer service representative, a customer service representative can handle multiple requests with online live chat software without major problems.

The ability to handle multiple customers in the chat means you only need a small team to handle customer service requests, which reduces your support costs.

Who uses Live Chat App for website?

B2C uses website-live-chat-app and online chat software for sales and customer support. Many companies like to integrate their customer relationship management software with live chat tools or online chat software to improve customer service and to increase lead generation.

Live chat and customer support software are also available as mobile apps so that you can use them on your smartphone to provide excellent service to potential customers. Live chat app that support customers via SMS are the best live-chat software, and websites fall into this list.

This works by combining all the questions and chat-support that you integrate into a single inbox so that your support team can answer them all Chat with visitors, potential leads, and customers in real time and forward messages to the right team.

Your sales bot can create promotions for your business, provide answers to frequently asked questions about the product and communicate details to make your live chat agents more effective at closing sales. You can tailor messages on the website to personalize your customer experience and keep them in the chat until your sales team and agents are ready to complete the deal.

Who Uses Live Chat Application

If a user wants to communicate with a real person you can direct them to your account manager via multi-channel suppport, or one of their many other live chat tools and integrations. If customers or website visitors have questions, complaints, or other assistance, they can expect to reach your brand via live chat. Your sales team can chat in real time with customers, answer their questions and encourage them to take a closer look.

Although not all platforms offer live chats, support staff can use SMS messages, support tickets, self-service features like internal and external knowledge bases, and call management software.

Some software also provides personalized chat features that can be used to share offers, promotions, and customer support. While on-board bots can help new customers and answer common questions, live chat makes it easier to provide personalized support through profile management and allows you to escalate certain conversations with customers.

Allows You To Connect With Your Visitors Like Never Before

It offers cross-platform features that allow you to log into a portal and chat with visitors on desktop and mobile devices to assist you in online sales, marketing, web analytics, and live customer care and support needs. You can start with a free CRM that includes live chat, chatbots, ticketing, and some other features, with the option to add tiered marketing services and a sales center to enhance functionality.

With the Live Chat feature, you can create answers to frequently asked questions, engage different support staff to chat, send surveys to gather customer feedback, set up multiple email chat boxes (depending on your plan), and much more. Another option is to chat in real time with visitors, which means that support staff can answer consumer queries and users receive instant notifications every time a chat conversation with a customer starts.


Example NinjaChat, is a SaaS-based live chat app that helps your online business connect with website visitors, gather leads, embed them in real life, and find better ways to convert them into customers.

As a real-time live chat solution, NinjaChat integrates seamlessly with business websites, enabling agents to interact directly with website visitors. As a new way for businesses to interact with these visitors, live chat software can help potential customers make purchasing decisions and visit a website.

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