What is a Chat Transcript?

Supervisors can analyse specific chat sessions and search for keywords they want to follow in a conversation using live chat transcripts. A transcript can also be handy for storing a copy of the chat time in a secure location.


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What Makes the Best Live Chat Software?

Live chat transcripts allow supervisors to review certain chat sessions and search for keywords they want to follow in a conversation.

In many legal matters, transcripts of online chat conversations can be helpful to use as evidence in court. If a party tries to introduce a live chat conversation as evidence that a person has conducted the conversation, the account holder who uses it to authenticate the conversation may also use it as evidence.

Once a chat session is completed, the chat conversation is closed, and the agent's call log is sent by email as one of several emails for auditing and training purposes.

Chat Transcripts

At the end of a chat session or event, the webmaster can choose whether to export a chat room transcript or not. The display of the transcript option during the call itself is reassuring for the customer, as he knows that he is recording the call.

The advantage of a chat protocol is that it serves as proof that the customer is talking and providing security.

When a customer receives their live-chat-transcript, they have a record of who made contact and when. Displaying this can confuse the chat window and the conversation itself and turn off agents when a customer requests a transcript in the middle of the chat.

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Live chat transcripts allow supervisors to review certain chat sessions and search for keywords they want to follow in a conversation. A transcript is also useful to keep a copy of the chat time in a safe place.

Messages attached to chat transcripts can be organized into transcript folders, date folders and transcripts can also be sorted by contact name into individual files. Example NinjaChat by 500apps.

When chatting with someone, a link to the log of your current conversation will be found in the Chat Console Sidebar under the Behavior drop-down menu. When you start a new conversation, the transcript will light up in the chat area of the window.

An e-mail transcript sent to visitors includes a timestamp of your conversation and a link to the website where the chat began. Your NinjaChat account can be used to link and view a transcript of your current conversation history.

You can create the link to your chat-transcript within a conversation using the transcript command and view it via the chat operator.

If the customer requests a pop-up notification that a transcript is being sent to their inbox, follow the instructions below. Customers who want to have their transcript can click on the Request Chat-Transcript button and enter their e-mail address to receive the transcript.

If the conversation with the applicant is with a live agent, at the end of the chat the applicant will be shown a download button that allows them to download the chat log.

If the PCFrom transcript and message do not match, you can find the call log for the message in the Message Agent Chat v1 scenario. File on your server a script to send the transcript when the chat ends, and send it in the specified email or email.

You can also view and reply to messages sent to you in the conversation inbox by your live chat widget or bot. You need to specify the recipient e-mail and chat IDs for each call, as chat IDs are available in the get method.

In the inbound chat scenario, where the customer is the first participant in the structure of the subscriber field, you can search for an attribute that matches the customer attribute for the purpose of the customer.

In web chat software, you can set the option to save transcripts of chats and save and move messages. After closing a chat session, system messages can be customized in the Account Settings page of your account control window's System Messages page.


Chat logs are a great tool for your clients to keep their own copy of the conversation they had with the agent. This can reduce the number of repeated chat requests to the agent and allow the customer to resolve their own problems.

Live chat logs are copies of conversations between agents and customers that provide valuable records of the details of the interaction. If you want to share a conversation or record a conversation, you can download a conversation transcript.

It's the small details of the right live chat software etiquette that can make the difference between good customer support and a great customer experience. The benefits of providing transcripts to your users can turn into marketing opportunities that can have a significant impact on your customers and your revenue.

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