How does Live Chat Help Businesses?

Live Chat can help you improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, and learn more about your consumers so you can make better product decisions.


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What Makes the Best Live Chat Software?

Live Chat helps to improve the support experience and increase agent productivity and helps to get to know your customers and better inform your product decisions.

Improving the Website Experience Benefits both Customers and Businesses

Customers who use live chat on a website are three times more likely to make a purchase, which can affect your profits. Live chats not only improve customer experience for customers who use them, but also the data you collect through using chats can help improve customer support for your website visitors.

A growing number of companies are now looking for chat benefits, as most customers prefer to chat in real-time with support agents rather than support by email or phone. Live Chat solves the need for instant interaction with customers by reaching live chat agents across all support channels to initiate a real-time conversation.

Taking advantage of the advanced features and benefits of live chat software can help assure proactive support, resulting in a smooth website experience for customers.

More and more online businesses are taking advantage of online chats to connect with their customers, provide faster support and improve engagement in real time, both on and off the site.

1. Deliver Real-time Responses

Many e-commerce websites add live-chat-support to their helpdesk software to deliver real-time responses without customers having to leave their website for a competitor. Live Chat is a tool that allows your business to connect with website visitors and customers who need support for online sales or general questions and messages.

Chat-support helps you greet your customers like a pro when they come to your website with the automatic greeting function and allows them to chat with you without giving up their personal information via email or phone.

Deliver real-time responses

2. Create Reports

Live Chat Software not only allows you to document customer interactions for future references, but also to create reports that help you make business decisions.

Chat log data can help locate recurring customer service issues and pave the way for creative solutions.

3. Product or Service-related Communication Issues are Resolved Quickly

Businesses should also consider the added value of livechat on the website to ensure that product or service-related communication issues and customer doubts are resolved quickly, this can be placed on any page of the site so agents can help customers find the right one they're looking for. With live chats that give visitors instant access to your support and sales teams, your team has many ways to turn visitors into paying customers and customers.

To help you better understand how much customers value access to live chats, take the Edigital Customer Service Benchmark Survey of over 2,000 consumers, which found that live chats have a higher customer satisfaction level (73%) compared to 61% for email support and 44% for traditional phone support.

Allows You To Connect With Your Visitors Like Never Before

In fact, a consumer survey by Oracle discovered that 90% of customers said that a chat button gives them confidence that they can receive help when they need it. With live chats, companies can be reached around the clock to collect and respond to customer feedback, improve products and services, and prevent customer migration. Live chat is more than just customer service; it can be used to give your business an edge in marketing, sales and technical interactions that benefit your business.

4. Cost-effective Customer Service Tool

Many companies use chat-support as part of their SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) infrastructure because they recognize that business chat is one of the elements of their customer-facing """"messaging software"""".

Live chat solutions include connecting with customers who chat live with the company's sales team within seconds, or using the Connect to Call feature for real-time notifications via email, SMS and phone with multi-channel support.

Live chat benefits of call-to-chat parallelism can save businesses an enormous amount of personnel costs, because it allows a few live chat agents to serve the same number of customers as a larger team of telephone support staff. By having a support representative make multiple calls to help different customers, live chat can be a cost-effective customer service tool you want to try.

Deliver real-time responses

The ability to handle multiple chats at the same time means you only need a small customer service team to handle incoming inquiries, which reduces your support costs. If you run a call centre operation with a growing customer base, you may have to invest in buying new equipment and get more regular calls and live chats on your site, but the costs are minimised.

The ability to handle multiple customers in one chat simultaneously means you only need a small team to handle customer service requests, which decreases your support costs.

5. Manage your Chat

Find customer service software that can manage your chat, email and other support channels in one tool so agents can concentrate and get their work done at one place. Remember that live chats require a different mix of skills than call centre work such as precise keyboard skills, clear and concise spelling, screen equivalent, clear diction, friendly voice, etc.


Efficient customer service enables you and the company to increase conversion rates, enlarge your ROI and expand your customer base as your impressive customer experience gets around.

NinjaChat is a low-cost Live Chat software that you can use to provide faster support experience, improve response time, engage website visitors and support customers on websites, social media and mobile apps. With boxes on every corner providing live customer service, you can be sure that businesses will experience above-average customer service, transformation, retention and satisfaction.

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