Many businesses now have live chat as part of their (SaaS) structure. A live chat helps build a proper customer service journey. The operators must be knowledgeable as they'd need to answer different questions brought up by the customers.

Businesses have become infused with technology. Rather than being caught behind times, business owners give their brands the needed flourish that technology provides.

One of the many ways of achieving this is through live chat app technology, a customer messaging software. Customers deserve the best, and complete knowledge and understanding of what they need should be first on the mind of any service provider.

In the past, this was achieved by emails and phone calls, which are not so satisfactory if compared with the leap technology has taken recently. Customers crave instantaneous responses making emails and phone calls fall short of that requirement. Even the recent development of FAQs (frequently asked questions) is imbued with its shortcomings; They are limited in the questions that they answer.

As a result of these shortcomings birthed by the telephone, emails and FAQs, the all-in-one solution is easily the live-chat-support, as it provides a great customer experience.

Live support has been known to possess a customer satisfaction rate of 92%, the highest of any channel. By popular rating, 79% of customers prefer the instant communication aspect of live chats. 70% of customers prefer talking to a person rather than an automated system, based on statistics conducted by RingCentral.

What is a Live Chat App?

A live chat is software that allows customers to converse directly with a company's representative, especially those in customer service. It differs from instant messaging apps as it allows website visitors to get immediate information through a chat window in real-time. When a message is sent, a reply is received in seconds. The website visitor types a message that an operator replies to.

As a proper tool for a customer who needs immediate help, it enables sales conversations with the ability to share links and collect information. Customers have conversations with support agents.

Proper businesses put the needs of their customers before theirs. Having a live chat service app meets this desire. Questions asked by customers are answered immediately. Agents build camaraderie with the customers, easily adjusting to the customer’s tone. No time wasted, as it gives the customer a feeling of importance. Studies have shown that live chats have the highest level of satisfaction because it's easily accessible, which builds customer loyalty.

It is also very conversational, shunning stiltedness. Rather than the rigours of formal writing, customers want an operator that soothes and salves and, most importantly, answers their questions in time.

Top 10 Live Chat Apps in 2022

Top Ten Live Chat Apps

A live chat app gives a business an edge over others. It removes any form of friction and discomfort. There are different types of live chat apps with different features. Some of these include;

1. NinjaChat

  • Features: An all-in-one platform that enables you to track your parcel in real-time, and chat with a live agent anytime, anywhere. It also supports multi-channel support, contact management, as well as several integrations. Moreover, it has an in-built BotUp automated assistant.

  • Benefits: It offers 24/7 customer service support and is very easy to use. It is also really affordable at $14.99, as it comes with 38+ other tools in the 500apps Suite.

2. Mobile Monkey

  • Features: It's a free app that allows one to respond to real-time conversations happening on the website, SMS, and other messaging channels simultaneously. It fuses the live chat with Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, and SMS, all in one package. Customers can also use apps that are already on their phones.

  • Benefits: It allows multi-linking of customer requests from various platforms. It is also entirely free.

3. HelpCrunch Live Chat

  • Features: Costs $12 and provides all the features for a comfortable working environment, private notes, and saved responses. It possesses features such as pop-ups, auto messaging, advanced theming, and a knowledge base.

  • Benefits: Every unseen chat message will be resent to a customer via email They can also send chat messages to engage website visitors and offer solutions to problems before they arise.

4. Pure Chat

  • Features: It creates a widget that matches the branding of the company. There is a separate email when the chat is unavailable. An email is sent to the operator's inbox regarding the missed chat. Through design options, customers can upload their images.

  • Benefit: It is a free live chat built particularly to help businesses.

5. Olark

  • Features: At $17, Olark is a live chat software that can route new chats like pre-written messages that can be sent automatically. It also has other features like chat analytics, live chat transcripts, customizable chat boxes, etc.

  • Benefits: With its chat analytics, data like chat volume, customer satisfaction, and agent activity can be easily observed at the snap of a finger. It assists in making day-to-day decisions. It also saves a lot of time with features like pre-written messages.

6. Chaport

  • Features: It has an auto-invite tool which sends automatic messages to website visitors based on a set of rules. It also possesses a group feature that allows a customer to join another chat. It also offers personalized designs.

  • Benefits: It's a free personalization tool. Instead of starting another conversation, the agents can add a customer to a chat that easily answers their question, although ongoing, which saves time.

7. Freshchat

  • Features: This live chat app brings information about a customer to the forefront. It has a one inbox feature, instant automation, as well as self-service.

  • Benefits: Having forehand information about the customer is a huge advantage for customer service as it shapes the customer’s experience. And more importantly, it’s free.

8. Comm100

  • Features: At $29, this offers instant translation for any language. An instant translator is integrated into the customer service software which enables universal worldwide service. With its prioritization option, it can label the importance of messages by highlighting high-value ones.

  • Benefit: It is useful for multilingual Support services.

9. LiveChat

  • Features: It has a sneak peek feature that can show agents what the website visitors are writing in the texts before it is sent. Moreover, it features a labelling system that allows chats to be labelled efficiently. It is also AI-empowered and supports 200+ integrations. It costs $16 a month.

  • Benefits: It allows the agent to fully prepare for the questions of the customers. It also allows for efficient chat labeling.

10. ProProfs Chat

  • Features: This tool announces upgrades, sales, events, etc. It allows the business to engage with website visitors in real-time. It can also start proactive conversations using chat greetings. It also prepares detailed reports and supports 50+ integrations.

  • Benefits: Chat greetings create an air of familiarity, let you know your visitors better and help them find a solution faster.


Research has shown that live chat app helps save between 17-30% more customers than traditional phone calls. An agent can only chat with customers singly with phones, but a live chat allows simultaneous conversations. More importantly, it helps build a better relationship with clients while increasing sales figures.

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