Website live chat allows you to engage with people in a number of ways, you can quickly respond to your messages, and retention. The customers should be the business's biggest fans. However, customers are usually impatient these days. As a result, when your customer wants something from you, you must respond in real-time – preferably through live chat tool.

Smart business managers and leaders understand the need for the best chat solution that improves customer communication, facilitates a better experience, and ultimately fosters long-term relationships.

Live chat tools help businesses to turn customer interactions into a fantastic experience. The live chat function is not a nice-to-have; it is a must-have. With companies currently moving beyond conventional emails, you need to find a way to control traffic to your business. But which live chat should you be using?

Primarily, live chat is a pop-up window on your website that displays texts. Users can type their queries in it, and you can see and reply immediately. Although live chat is relatively simple to install, you need to implement the best chat solution to deliver excellent support, increase customer satisfaction, and convert higher sales.

There are different live-chat-software, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you are unsure of the live chat software to adopt, try NinjaChat.

Live chat in 2022

What is NinjaChat?

NinjaChat is an all-in-one live chat software that provides different channels for engaging customers. The live chat software permits voice, text, and video chat thanks to an impressive and versatile design. In addition, the availability of multichannel chat ensures the best conversation and satisfying customer experience.

The chat software also provides a report that lets you monitor your live chats in real-time. Not only this, but you can also manage and optimize your chat performance without delay. For uniqueness, you can create and customize your chat window widgets to match your website design and business.

Why Should you Use Live Chat Tool?

1. Real-time Visitor Engagement

NinjaChat live chat tool lets you engage your customers to fast – in real-time. This way, you can answer their questions without delay. Not just this, but it also lets you close deals faster. The ability to interact with customers without delay increases the chance of rapid resolution, and customers will trust a service that fosters faster and better communication.

2. Works with Different Devices

NinjaChat provides a convenient way for customers to interact with you without interruption. They can also connect with you on different devices.

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Features of NinjaChat

1. Chat Transcript

NinjaChat promotes accountability and transparency with its conversation-history feature. The feature lets you record conversation history with customers to track and understand user behavior. Apart from following discussions and analyzing texts, you can save essential conversations in your inbox for speedy resolution. The chat-transcript software provides a pool of data to keep all your chat. Thankfully, you can search the transcript to find the chat easily.

2. Built-in Customization

NinjaChat provides different features that you can use to customize your business brand. A built-in drag-and-drop customize feature lets you create an attractive theme for your business in minutes. For example, you can personalize your brand name, logo, and images. You can also choose your profile picture, name, theme, and title in the chat widget. In addition, users can add unlimited icons, texts, and images to their web chat software windows, and you can run your customized chat widget without coding.

3. File Sharing

File sharing and security are other features NinjaChat offers. You can safely transfer your files across devices with a simple tap. A cloud network provides safe storage, and you can access these files at any time and from any device. After organizing and uploading the documents to the cloud, you can share the document with anyone that needs it. Since there are no restrictions on the file size or users, you can share as many files as you want, knowing that all files are protected and secured. The file-sharing feature supports sharing videos, audio, photos, and other range of file types with your customers.

4. Language Localization

This feature allows you to support customers in more than 12 languages. This helps you reach users from different parts of the world, build connections, and improve brand loyalty.

5. Transfer Chat

You can transfer chats to specific agents for a quick resolution. For example, if an agent is busy, the customer will be transferred to another agent. This feature allows you to create personalized assistance and reduces waiting time within live chat system.

6. Cost

NinjaChat offers a free and infinity subscription plan for users. The free plan lets you sign up, but only 10 users. It covers only five departments at 1000 chats per department. On the other hand, the infinity subscription plan is a single price of $14.99 Monthly for more than 37 apps. However, there is a 34% discount for a one-time yearly subscription.

NinjaChat subscribers pay as they go, and there is no long-term commitment. In other words, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Live chat tool like NinjaChat increase conversation rates. Not only this, but it also provides a better understanding of customer inquiries. You can collect data, drive sales, and achieve higher customer satisfaction and engagement. If the goal of your business is to improve customer service efficiency, you should try NinjaChat.

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